12 September, 2015

Sunshine express

After a week of learning (who thought infectious diseases and public health could actually be interesting?) and exploring rainy Belgium, it was time to head home again. As my flight would only take off in the evening, and I have been disappointed by Brussels before, I decided to spend my last day in Antwerp.
Did you know you could be attacked by an ice-bear on the toilet, or that some people actually furnish public lavatories with Villeroy & Boch stuff? Well, if you can afford a golden shopping center... *rolling eyes in disbelief*

As I'm not yet familiar with huge airports yet, I arrived in Brussels in the afternoon to make sure I wouldn't be in a hurry. Turns out I was far from hurry. Actually, I didn't know what to do with myself, except of watching planes and waiting for mine. Well...
After the check-in, the security control and some more waiting, it was time to leave Belgium behind.

A little refueling before the fun begins
All lined up, waiting for take-off clearance. Belgocontrol makes sure everything goes smoothly.
Off we go into grey skies
Climbing and turning, the grey begins to fade. Could it be... A glimpse of blue? 
Through the clouds into paradise
Heaven... A thick grey layer underneath, and nothing but endless blue above :)
Happy place
Turning towards home, we even got a glimpse of sunshine. First sunshine in about time.
Sunset at -53°C.
Into the night with Adria Airways
Guessing the illuminated cities underneath, particularly interesting when flying over your hometown area(s). This one must be Munich.
Watching down on Ljubljana from a plane is far better than the other way round.  Tiny bummer: as it was pitch dark already,it turned ut to be a blind approach and landing for me.

Long story short told: flying is by far the most wonderful thing on earth and above. It looks like virus aviaticus has really hit me and I think I badly need a flight again. Not everyone seems to be susceptible though. I tried to explain plainspotting to mom recently and even though I thought I've done it pretty well, I'm not sure whether she got the point.

Me: It's people going to airports to look at planes and take photos.
Mom: Why would one do that?
Me: Well, there are different models of planes, different colours, big planes, small planes, special liveries... It's like oldtimers to some or collecting stamps to others. It's about taking pictures, identifying planes, looking for rare liveries or special visitors and stuff.
Mom (in cold blood): And who is going to do the housework?
Me: *almost peed my pants*

~ the end ~

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