27 October, 2016

Erlangen part I - Old town motifs

One may wonder, "What is she up to?" No post, no word, no sign of life.
Well, most of all she's busy with lectures and exams again, but on the other hand, she's sneaking away from time to time to see something new. The combination of course means I barely get my to-do list done, let alone find time to oranize what I've been up to lately. 

For a big part of September, that would be accompanying a patient and his family to Germany for a surgical procedure, acting as translator and explainer. Unlike last time however, I would end up in Erlangen, which turned out to be a lovely little Bavarian Franconian surprise. 
Even though it met me covered in clouds and icy wind, it soon presented its charming side.
People living in the streets of the old city center seem to be fond of any kind of decoration, from nicely furnished roadside coffe shops to tiny bakeries and flowerpots in front of their doors.
It offers a lovely atmosphere in the morning when you're heading from your new favourite bakery with a cup of hot chocolate in your hands...
... And a vivid scene of cyclists and pedestrians in the afternoon when you're window-shopping past store windows that have plenty to display.
Lots of medical-themed things, too :)
And unexpectedly, in the town of neat facades and Bavarian Blue...
Where Christian and Protestant churches stand next to each other... 
Where it is OK to ride a door under the watchful eye of Miss Kitty... 
Where one can chose between pink and golden sunsets... 
... I happened to find the most beautiful autumn one can imagine.

~ to be continued ~