30 September, 2016

September morning

Isn't it handy to have a couple of old photos to keep the blog alive when one isn't crafting?
These aren't exactly old, but they'll do it anyway :)

As I have been home unexpectedly in the beginning of September, it occured to me one day this would be my last chance to have a look at Adria's charter in Celovec/Klagenfurt this season. 
To get the car, I applied the procedure that has proven to work last time, however, the part of me getting out of bed was a little less successful. With a driver who decided to keep the speed limits in front of me, I ended up still on the way towards the spotting point when the plane's light descended towards the airport. Well...
I did manage to stop ina driveway to get a shot (kind of) and turn around to race towards the airport. There, I soon realized how cold autumn mornings can be. 
The fog sure add something peaceful to the scenery... 
... But while the captain performed his walk-around , I was shivering on the viewing platform.
Ready for boarding. 
When the passengers turned up at the plane, I decided to head to the runway again to catch the departure.
After another round of waiting, the sun came out...
... Soon to be followed by Adria Airways.
And finally, I managed to get some more or less acceptable plane spotting shots :)

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