16 November, 2016

Erlangen part III - Off to Bamberg

When all goes well and the patient doesn't need you all day long anymore, it would be time to explore your surroundings. Therefore, I thought of heading for Bamberg one afternoon. 
As bewitched, I happened to have a rather long hospital-day, but with a fast train connection, I decided to go anyway and to tick off my to-see list. Rushing towards the old city center I didn't expect to catch any museums though, so I focused on the outside from the start. 
And the outside of Bamberg sure has plenty to offer! From statues to facade decorations and (church)towers everywhere...
To the old town hall that literally stands out, being located on its own little island. According to a legend, the latter was created by citizens in response to the bishop's refusal to give them land for their building. 
With the sun setting, and a big part of my trip still ahead, I fought my way through crowds of toursts in front of the old city bars and restaurants...
Past lovely facades and shop windows too expensive to look at...
... And somehow, my intuition led my up the hill to the Bamberg cathedral. Even though it was too late to get a glimpse of its interior, its magnificent doors and ornaments give you a sense of something huge. 
Stairway to heaven
Still having lots to see, I headed across the square towards the Neue Residenz. To be precise, to the rosegarden hidden behind its walls. Of course most of the bloom is gone at that time of year, but the ones remaining still spreaded a lovely scent among the lonely statues.
And what can be better than this terrace-view of Bamberg just for me alone?
To finish off the evening, I went for a little hike to the Michaelsberg abbey. After a little bit of getting lost in the narrow streets, I made it to the hillside to enjoy some more of the city's evening views. 
With the night setting in, Bamberg skies turned into a lovely flash of pink and gold...
... Only to remind me that in autumn, as soon as sun sets, temperatures may drop to an uncomfortable kind of cold that makes you eager to get home as soon as possible.
However, not without having another look to the city center, because luckily watching is still free of charge :)

~ to be continued ~

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