24 May, 2017

Erlangen part II - Jungle time

Despite the cold temperatures outside (or maybe just because of them), my second happy place in Erlangen was once again the greenhouse of the Botanical garden
Its diversity of plants turned out to be a fantastic contrast to the grey outside, and above all, their warmth couldn't compare to any hospital/hotel room :) And just as one might think there isn't much going on in a green house in winter, there happened to be plenty of cactuses in full bloom...
... A wonderful display of amaryllis, too, as well as cammelias and even tropical fruits.
And despite outside circumstances, the big jungle still was a lovely place to sit down and stop bothering about things that just aren't worth it.
But above all, winter is the season of orchids and other tiny flowers that brighten a place with their wonderful colours. They may not be as many as during the warm months of the year, but that doesn't necessarily mean they aren't just as - or even more - welcome to the eye and soul.
Colours in the outside pond, too. And I've always thought they'd move the fish to somewhere warmer during winter.

~ to be continued ~ 

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