01 February, 2018

Hvar part VI - Makarska

Another beautiful day, another long drive ahead. At first, we'd head towards the very east cape of the island, from where a short ferry crossing would bring us to the mainland again. 
Before that, however, there was still time to explore this rather neglected part of Hvar. 
In general, there isn't much to see in the small town of Sućuraj. A ferry dock, a small marina...
... the church of St. George...
... and a way that leads to the very last building - a charming lighthouse that is nowadays being used for tourist rental.
But why walk on the street when one can overcome the same distance by climbing rocks at the seaside?
Off we go! Ferry time again made my stomach cringe, however, I tried to remind myself it would only be a short crossing this time.
Also, the different shades of blue are a truly wonderful sight. 
And at some point, a little traveler proudly announced his discovery to everybody on board: "Mom, mom, look! Dolphins!" Turns out a playful bunch of dolphins actually decided to swim along for a while.
After a couple more hours on the bus, we finally reached our last major stop on the way home: Makarska, a popular tourist destination on the equally popular Makarska Riviera.
Again, we had some time off for lunch break and individual discoveries, which led me down the promenade and past the marina...
... towards the small peninsula of St. Peter. So much for "Old love doesn't rust". 
An interesting place for an (abandoned) beach bar, too. The stairs seem quite suicidal to me in broad daylight and being sober, I can't even imagine them in opposite circumstances.
Makarska, literally squeezed in between the sea and the massive Biokovo mountains in the background.
And what could that milling up the tree be? Turns out the squirrel has figured out a sophisticated procedure to peel the pinecones.
Final viewing of the day: the Franciscan church with a beautiful altarpiece...
... and a rich Malacological museum.
Last glimpses of the sea...
... and glimpses of the more and more familiar landscapes in the afternoon sun. 
Almost home - Kolpa in the dusk.

~ the end ~

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