17 April, 2018

At the sea 2.0

Another summer weekend, another sight of the sea. This time, I opted for a rather short trip to Trst/Trieste with a hike along Napoleon's Road, which I think turned out to be way better (or, at least, very different) from the Rovinj experience.
Sunshine and blue skies can only mean one thing - what a beautiful day ahead!
Since the first part of the panoramic path is lined by trees, it meant I could still enjoy the shade for some time. Soon, however, the first views began to open up...
... The city in the bay - a blooming harabour in the old Habsburg times, it now gives the impression of a Sleeping Beauty. 
Blue skies, blue sea, and a lovely breeze that makes the summer heat bearable. At the same time, not feeling heat doesn't save one from sunburns. Learning from the past and applying protection, however, does - 1:0 for me this time.
Turns out the Napoleonica is not only beautiful for its vews towards the sea, but also up to the rock walls that are popular among climbers.
Nevertheless, my priority remained finding a quiet spot to admire the big blue :)
And talking about views, a noteworthy opportunity would be taking a path towards Vedetta Italia, a platform above the actual road.
View towards the city, Monte Grisa sanctuary in the foreground.
Off to the sea! Turns out there is a ferry that runs along the coastal towns in the vicinity of Trst during the summer months. Just a little more and we'd set sail from Sistiana/Sesljan towards our daily destination.
Duino/Devin castle in the vicinity. The Rilke trail that goes from Sesljan towards the castle would certainly be a nice one to walk someday, however, our little ferry boat soon took off in the opposite direction.
Miramare castle above the Adriatic sea, with castle Duino in the background.
Another view of the Monte Grisa church...
... and already, we'd near the harbour of Trst. 
After a short introduction on the main square, we were free to go on our individual discoveries. 
Church of St. Mary next to the old city center...
... remains of a Roman theatre  nearby... 
... the stock market...
... a lovely market of hand crafts...
... and proof that money can not buy everything. I wonder how many people asked though :)
On to the next program point: as if the heat itself wasn't enough by now, we'd walk up the hill to the cathedral of St. Justus. The interesting merger of two different churches that were built side by side between the 9th and 11th century resulted in an asymmetrical facade that hides both Romanesque and Gothic elements alongside with beautiful mosaics.
The not-so-old and not-so-nice monument next to the church...
... the beautiful inside...
... and the sweet reason we had to wait to enter in the first place.
Past some more Roman remains, our next stop would be the castle of St. Justus. 
Greeted by Mikez and Jakez (because, how horribly can you change an originally Slovene name?), it was time to discover the ancient halls, as well as the huge viewing platform. 
Slowly but surely, as the sun was preparing to set, the city became immersed in a glowing light, and the breeze that came from the open see would make one want to fall asleep in a hammock.
From dreams to reality: heading home again. I guess know I really need to renew my Italian skills.

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