04 April, 2018

At the sea

As much as Piran is a wonderful choice for a short break, I decided to go a little more to the south. So, only a day after returning from my short holiday, I was heading towards the Adriatic sea again. However, I decided to take advantages of agency ravel this time as one alone would probably not be able to see a whole list of things in one day.
After a night of little sleep, past the tiny strip of Slovenian coast...
... our first stop for the day would lead me to the Istrian cave Mramornica. 
Who'd have thought a plain area of grassland hides chambers like that behind what looks like a forgotten well that one would probably not even notice? 
Next, what was promised to be a visit to a farm-museum with numerous animals and old exhibits turned out to be a mild disappointment. Sure, the old stuff was there, but it looked as if it was just arranged in an empty room without added value.
Animals could be seen as well, but again, not in a way one would expect from the description.
Time for a short stretch, and off we go again.
Lunch break at Lim canal. Yummi hospitality, first sense of the summer heat that would accompany us throughout the day, and - the toll of too little sleep kicking in. 
At least, driving around in the countryside offered the chance of a quick nap until next on the agenda was the picturesque abandoned town of Dvigrad
Last but not least, we finally reached the coastal town of Rovinj. After a little introduction and free time for independent discoveries...
... we'd slowly approach the top of the peninsula, which is overlooked by the huge church of St. Euphemia.
And after a pleasant stay inside the cooling walls, it was time to meet the heat again.
More of cooling off, this time in the maritime Batana museum...
... and some more wandering in the old city streets before we'd set sail for the last adventure of the day.
Because what would a trip to Rovinj be without a tour around its numerous little islands?
Into the sunset, or rather, heading home again after another weekend breakaway. 
Probably, it could have been even nicer without the heat, or the crowds of people on the streets, or without the kind of always-know-better-and-always-complain fellow travelers. Or just with getting enough sleep beforehand?
Under the bottom line, as beautiful as Rovinj might be, it looks like I've already lost my heart to Piran. Saying that, I still might come back again some day to discover it in detail, but without any specific plans on doing so in the near future. 

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