17 June, 2018

Jezersko & Savinjsko

Another weekend breakaway, this time towards the north. Our goal for the day was the region of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps - to be precise, Jezersko and its surroundings.
From my childhood days, I vaguely remember the area as an alternative route past the Slovene-Austrian border in case Ljubelj/Loibl pass was closed, but honestly, my memories mainly consist of driving through pitch dark, being sick from the numerous serpentines and puking by the roadside.
This time, however, an early morning drive would make sure I could soak up as much of the landscape as possible. Also, I realised that what seemed to be an endlessly long trip back then, is actually not that far away from Ljubljana. 
First stop of the day: Planšarsko jezero in Upper Jezersko. As the name suggests, the little lake fits perfectly between the green pastures that lie underneath the mountain ranges. 
The artificial pond that was created to remember the glacier lake that has disappeared long ago is nowadays a popular tourist destination, and a great way to end a hike in the area. Or, in our case, to start exploring the surrounding land.
And while the sun was already shining high on the grasslands...
... the nearby forest still offered some shadow and plenty of morning dew on every green thing by the roadside.
Not a morning person usually, but who could possibly insist on not being a morning person when "morning" can mean a view like this?
The creatures of the region are already awake, too. Among others, the most playful little guard dog you'll ever meet.
Next stop: Jenkova kasarna, a place that has offered overnight accommodation to merchants for centuries until it has been transformed into a display of old tools and equipment. Turns out graffiti aren't a new thing at all, and not an ugli one either.
Šenkova domačija - another old farmhouse, another blooming balcony, another little paradise in the middle of the green.
Marching back towards the little lake, the sheep have decided there has been enough of marching for the moment, and enough of sun for a while.
Church of St. Andrew by the roadside.
And off we go again. A quick sneak-peek to Austria via the Jezersko/Seeberg saddle, and back through the Pavlič pass that would eventually lead us into the Upper Savinjska valley.
Another by-the-roadside attraction, an exhibition on the work of prof. Srečko Brodar, who used to work in the nearby Potok cave during the 1920s and 1930s, bringing to light numerous animal remains as well as human tools from the Paleolithic. 
Is it time to go to bed yet? 
Not quite. A quick visit to the parish church of Radmirje and its rich collection of liturgical vestments, many of which have been presented by different European royalties.
And, with the evening sun low, the last thing on our menu: Gornji Grad resp. the huge episcopal church of St. Hermagor and St. Fortunat - who'd have thought that such a remote village would hide a church that is considered to be the largest one in Slovenia in terms of the volume of its interior?
Somewhere on the way back home. Numerous serpentines done, but no pitch dark and no puking.

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