27 May, 2020

Lucky 7

Just a stroll down the street to get some fresh air. And suddenly, almost hiding in the bushes, a bunch of leafs catches my eyes.
Me: "Wait a bit, could that be..."
Mom: "You think you'll find it just like that?"
Me:"... a four-leaf clover?"

Fun fact: Well, I actually DO find them just like that. Not on everyday's basis, of course, but it does happen that I'd just stop and pluck one or two of the alleged lucky charms here and there – on my way from the supermarket, during a walk, while sitting in the sun, or literally in front of my apartment building. 
I'm not superstitious and don't believe that an additional spout means anything, but what I consider a mix of observation and coincidence often leads to funny interaction like this with friends and family.
Once home, the shamrock in question ended up in a tiny blue vase on the kitchen table. Because mom thought it would be prettier to have it on display  for a while.
Fast forward to another day and another short spring/summer walk:
Me: "Just a moment."
Mom: "You must be kidding, right? Well, I'm certainly not going anywhere until I find one myself!"

Turns out, a short while later mom, my little sister and I have found two four-leavers each. And of course it didn't look funny at all – three girls along the roadside just digging through the grass :)
And even though they were all withered before we brought them home, they quickly recovered once they were put into water. Plenty of new neighbours for the lone cloverleaf - and I certainly hope they'll get along just fine. 
A contribution to the Friday Flowerday at Holunderbluetchen.

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