28 October, 2014

Autumn colours

I guess by now it looks like I do nothing but stitching 24/7. Truth is I do, but after I put out my pickpoint stuff and searched through my patterns, I just can't stop. So many things I want to do, and so little time :) And did I ever mention I love pickpoint cards? I do. A lot.

Today's card
I made it tonight, stitching with orange colours that float into one another. As the pattern leaves an empty space in the middle of the flower/star ornament, I'll probably place a sentiment there once I'll need the card.
To complete the stitching, I added a few beige and silver pearls and glued it to an orange background paper with poppies. Even though that would be summer flowers, the orange of the card reminds me of something that fits this time of year perfectly: Hokkaido pumpkin soup with cream - one of the best things autumn has to offer, and definitely one of my favourites in the kitchen :)
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  1. Čudovita je.
    Hvala, ker si se nam pridružila na 119. izzivu CRAFT-alnice. Lp

  2. Krasno vezenje :-))
    Hvala, ker se igraš z nami v jesensko obarvanem izzivu CRAFT-alnice ... Srečno!

  3. Absolutely beautiful! I love the variegated thread and the pattern too. Thanks for joining us at Alphabet Challenges.

  4. Wauu, krasn pick point. zelo lepo si uporabila jesenske barve.
    Hvala, da si z nami v jesenski Craft-alnici. Pozdravček Lili

  5. Great card - thanks for joining us at the Alphabet Challenge.

    Helen x