09 October, 2014


I decided to use the last days of September to visit my little sister in Salzburg, to try her delicious Japanese cuisine.
Even though we usually spend time at home, chatting and watching videos, I decided to make it a bit more tourist-ish this time, with lots of walking, and of course taking pictures. As the weather was nice, we went through the city center with the cathedral and the Festspielhaus ...
... fought our way through crowds of tourists in the Getreidegasse with its famous signboards, and the even more famous house in which Mozart was born.
 There are also many nicely decorated shop windows (with very "nice" prices, too ;))
I didn't make it to the Mönchsberg or Kapuzinerberg to catch the city's panorama from above, but, I had a walk through the Mirabell gardens, which I usually pass by. You can meet all sorts of stone creatures there.
Many of the flowers are being prepared for winter already, while butterflies are enjoying the warm autumn sun on the remaining blossoms.
Traditionally, I also visited one of my crafting paradises, Self made, and was surprised about the bill that came. Even after all this time I can never understand how buying "just a few beads" can add up so much in the end :) However my other crafting paradise, Bead Box, was still closed as I wanted to stop by one morning. It was probably for the best, if not for me at least for my wallet :)
Then, it was time to head "home" to Ljubljana again. One last view of the beautiful Gastein valley.

Oh and just a short note for the guys before I'm finished: just because I'm a petite girl with blue eyes DOESN'T mean you have to stalk me for my number for hours, or offer me money for anything. By NO means you're allowed to touch me or to kiss me. Just keep your filthy hands to yourself for God's sake!

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