16 October, 2015

Sunshine 2 Go

The recent rainy days and cold(er) temperatures clearly announce the end of summer 2015. I've already turned the heating on, and wrapped myself in sweaters and socks, a state that won't change until April. *sigh*

It's not all-grey yet though, after all it's Friday-Flowerday at Holunderbluetchen.
A bunch of Topinambour, or Jerusalem artichokes (Helianthus tuberosis) caught my eyes on my walk home recentlyThey come from an abandoned railroad embankement and I just couldn't walk by without taking some with me, regardless the rain or the mud by the roadside. 
It's a quite simple bouquet and I'm not sure whether the wildflowers fit in a crystal vase, but they sure bring some sunshine in my little kitchen :)
Incidentally, I brought this little thing home, too. I'm not sure whether he likes rain or not, but I decided to release him anyway. Not without a little photo-shooting before :)

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