28 January, 2018

Hvar part I - A well deserved break

The more my Munich adventure came to an end, the more often I found myself saying "I need a break". Even though I wouldn't want to miss the Winter School for the world, the long days made me want to go to a desert island and sleep two weeks in a row. 
And while the latter is clearly nonsense, an island turned out to be a perfect spot to spend the First May holidays. After a little comparing and calculating, my choice fell on Hvar, a place I have visited so many years ago that I could hardly remember.
After an early morning departure to avoid queues at the border, the first taste of sun somewhere along the motorway...
Driving into Split, we realized the combination of the early departure and no waiting lines whatsoever actually gave us an extra of almost 3 hours until our ferry would leave the harbour. 
However, before anyone could even start complaining, our guide decided to give us an optional city tour which would lead us to the city's most important landmarks and still leave enough time for independent explorations.
And after the short get-to-know tour, it was time to discover the city on my own. Past the remains of Diocletian's Palace once again, I would enter the cathedral of St. Domnius with its prominent bell tower and beautiful interior.
And since the entrance ticket covers the tower, too, I decided to climb the stairs.
A sneak-peek on what's ahead...
... and the first rewarding views.
What can be better than the sight of blue sea on a sunny day? 
Also, the sight of the ferry terminal would constantly remind me of the fact there's a sailing portion to do today, as well as the *tiny* detail that I'm not quite comfortable on ships. Without any particular reason, I just can't feel quite alright swinging back and forth surrounded by water. However, I had enough time to for some troubleshooting: no matter the size of the ferry or the weather, all I need is to just stay outside on the deck and place myself somewhere near the life vests/lifeboats. No particular reason. Just in case. 
Anyhow, before we'd finally leave there was still much to see in Split: more of the cathedral...
... stone houses with clothes hanging in the backyards and flowers in the cracks...
... narrow streets and stairways... 
And in the end, it turns out all the secrets of the old town are located inside of what once was a huge Roman palace - "Golden door" of Diocletian's Palace, facing North towards a lovely green area. 
However, slowly but surely I was moving back towards the coast.
As if the thought of a ferry wasn't enough: the sea is still blue, but the clouds that are piling up are getting darker. 
Off we go. Just stick to the lifeboats on the deck. Abd breathe. And don't even try to concentrate on the wagging.
Unless, of course, if it comes in form of a wonderful dog lady who volunteered to distract me in exchange for some petting.
And while I would under no circumstances qualify for a sailor, I have to admit even a stormy see can offer some wonderful sights.
Are we there yet?
Approaching Stari Grad. Just a little more and I'll be more than happy to have a firm ground under my feet again.

~ to be continued ~

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