30 January, 2018

Hvar part IV - Vrboska

Finally, the allegedly sunniest Croatian island decided to spoil us with one of its sunny days. Soon after another yummy breakfast, it was time for a short drive into Vrboska, a lovely little fisher settlement. 
First, it was time to get to know the Fishing Museum, which among many tools, documents and sea animals offers cuddle time with an adorable, shaggy dog. 
Hidden treasures alongside the canal...
... and further on we go towards our next stop. 
While the richly decorated church of St. Lovrinac offers many treasures to the eye...
... its neighbour, the church of St. Mary doesn't even look quite like a church. Strongly fortified after Ottoman attacks it somehow resembles a ship and while it's almost boringly empty inside...
... it does have a narrow staircase that leads to a rooftop terrace/lookout platform with amazing views all over the village, its harbour, and the Starigrad plain. 
Swallows everywhere - probably one of the most summer-ish sights to me.
After a while, the bus was ready t head back to the hotel. Understandably, those willing to walk could opt for a hike instead. Off we go! And as soon as I left the town behind...
... the seaside presented itself in a fairytale-like combination of blue and green.
Birds in and above Jelsa...
And a short extension of my walk to where I thought I had spotted sage in full bloom. After all, what better souvenir than one that can actually be used once I'm back home?
To perfectly round off the day, I thought I'd go a little further and try to find access to that church atop the hill. Unfortunately, it turned out to be closed, however, the views were rewarding in their own way.
As I didn't want to walk back home on the main road, I thought I'd just take some of the shortcuts that lead downhill. After all, they must all end up in the city center by the bay, and this should make finding the right way pretty easy. Especially considering the fact that I wanted to visit the church the day before already, but all the uphill paths I've chosen somehow ended in dead ends and private driveways until I finally gave up. 
Downhill, things should be different. I thought. Until I ended up in private driveways again, turning back a couple of times before I finally found the right "abbreviation". Well... Holidays are there to make new discoveries every step of the way anyway :)

~ to be continued ~

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