06 March, 2019

February afternoon

Yet another memory to conceal the blank space in my crafting corner. 
(Honestly, I wish it was just the blank space, but after being away for weeks my whole apartment needs some proper dusting, as well as some serious decluttering. Not that I'm hoarding lots of stuff, I just feel the need to get rid of things that I rarely use.)
For a more instant feeling of freedom, I should probably head to Radensko polje again. Its landscape does have a special atmosphere before the spring greenery changes its appearance, and who knows where it's hiding its water supplies when it looks completely dry. 
One wouldn't need much more than that to switch off the world, except for maybe a small afternoon hike to the top of Ostri vrh above Čušperk. Or, to be precise, a drive to the edge of the forest followed by a little walk to the viewpoint atop the hill.
And on a perfectly spring-ish day, there was plenty of time to recharge the batteries and enjoy the views. Even though Ostri vrh itself may not be a notable elevation its panorama consists of Gorjanci, the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, Karavanks, and - given you're visiting in excellent weather conditions - even the silhouette of Snežnik
I fail to comprehend the idea of placing huge flagpoles in the middle of nowhere and will pick other kinds of views for myself: a slowly setting sun...
... piles of bare rocks that seem to hide enough soil for the growth of trees...
... and tiny signs of spring that are slowly but surely spreading across the land.
And until the warm weather finally prevails...
... what can be better than a cuddle-bundle by the fireplace?

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