04 March, 2021

Heralds of spring

Just a quick contribution to the Friday Flowerday at Holunderbluetchen
While I don't have a bouquet for every week of the year, I will certainly have a little arrangement of snowdrops in my apartment each spring. I'm lucky to have them in front of my apartment building where they get quite a lot of sunshine, so I've been waiting for their blooms to open since January. By beginning of February, the snowdrops began to peak from the ground, and mid month they were in full bloom. 
I thought I'd let them grow peacefully this year, but I plucked ab few when I went visiting mom - and they were quite an eye catcher as we had a huge load of snow back home! 
I put them in a small green vintage vase and restrained myself from adding anything else, because, honestly, what could come close to those delicate heralds of spring?


  1. Hallo Cheiro Urgia, ich liebe Schneeglöckchen, habe sie gerade gestichelt (findest Du im Fadengrafik-Forum)
    Ich freue mich jedes mal wenn ich sie beim spazieren gehen entdecke.

    Ich wünsche Dir einen wundervollen Frühlingsanfang.
    Gruß BAstelfeti

  2. Love snowdrops - great vase for them xx