29 November, 2015

Kopanj - Radensko polje

A little autumn-leftover that has been on my to-be-posted list for quite a while but never made it online due to other projects on my mind: an afternoon trip to a lovely place that brings back memories of childhood days at my great-grandparents
It has been ages - literally - since I last time went up Kopanj hill. The 70 m high mix of limestone and dolomite is a unique elevation in the Karst field of Radensko polje and home to a parish church, a rectory and a tiny primary school.
Given it's a rather small hill it doesn't take long to reach te top, however there are still a couple of possible ways that offer different sights of the villages beyond, namely Velika Račna to the south and Mala Račna to the east. 
Along the way, Stations of the Cross
Verses of France Prešeren engraved to benches on the roadside. The poet has spent part of his childhood at his uncle, the parish priest, before he started his school career.
Finally, the lovely little parish church dedicated to the Assumption of Mary. It's bright interior holds a copy of Assumption of Mary by Anton Cebej as the main altar piece and an old gothic Madonna on the left side of the altar area.
On the front side of the rectory, a remembrance to the famous resident
On the back side, somebody prepared everything for winter
Further north, a plateau gives an opportunity to rest before it goes downhill again
Next on the way: Mary's Spring. A lovely little source of cold water that was remodeled to a well with a statue of Mother Mary and is said to have healing powers. I'm not sure whether it's true or not, but a sip of cold water sure is a wonderful thing after some exercise.
The plastic flowers all over are not my thing, but well... At least they show the place is taken care of.
A view as far as the Alps
Back at mom's aunt: We are two fluffy kittens, we are super cute and we want some love :)
That was supposed to be my place on the bench. As soon as I spreaded out the old sweaters however, kitty took possession.
A spot of colour
A lap full of cats and a kitty kiss :)
Last view towards lovely Kopanj
And autumn skies above the Alps
Conclusion: a nice escape to a beautiful spot of nature. It's good to go back to something familiar sometimes and find out that stable smell isn't the worst of all :)
I probably should be doing this more often.

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