09 November, 2015

November sea

A quick pre-exam escape to the Slovenian seaside.
I've been playing with the seaside-idea for quite a while, but I didn't seem to find time in summer due to other commitments. I postponed the trip for autumn, but again, other things kept me busy. With the most beautiful autumn one can imagine, it was time to give it a try.

Somewhere along the way - Nanos announces the climate change from continental to Mediterranean, and vegetation goes from deciduous trees to pines.
First sight of the sea. An important milestone when travelling with kids that *might* lead into a screaming contest of who has seen it first.
Great views towards Izola, Trst/Trieste, and the Alps.
Lovely Piran - a distinguished peninsula, the yacht harbour and the cathedral of St. George overlooking the main square. Lots of Venetian influence everywhere, from prominent buildings to the campanile at the Punta.
Creatures of the sea
Narrow streets and hidden corners on the way to the old city walls
Wishes and greetings from all over the world
Quite a lot of stairs, but certainly worth the view. With the binoculars, you can almost reach out for the city underneath.
Inside of the cathedral
Old city motifs and last blooms of summer
Fantastic grapevine, extending its branches over 3 floors and up the roof
Not your usual November wardrobe, but certainly organized neatly for the collection at Holunderbluetchen
Warm November evening by the sea
Amazng sunset over the port of Koper
A little contribution to the collection of heavenly sights at Raumfee.

edit: Looks like one image slipped out of the original post, one that is particularly important to me as it's still quite a common sight by the motorway towards the sea that reminds me how small we really are. I've been shocked to see the effect of sleet that hit Slovenia in February 2014 when I went to Piran last year, and it still hurts me to see the broken trees as I can only imagine how long it  will take nature to recover.


  1. Hallo Cheiro Urgia, sind das schöne Fotos. So eine Farbenpracht, daß ist ja echt der Wahnsinn.
    Die Sonnenbrillen sind aber echt der Knaller *lach*.
    Der Kater ist super gut getroffen.
    Der Sonnenuntergang erwärmt das Herz.
    Du merkst sicher schon, ich bin total begeistert von Deinen Fotos.
    Bei uns ist es doch schon recht kühl. Wenn Du magst schau Dir die Fotos auf meinem Blog an, die hab ich am Mittwoch gemacht.

    Liebe Grüße sendet Dir BAstelfeti

    1. Danke BAstelfeti. es freut mich, dass Dir der virtuelle Ausflug gefallen hat :)
      Ja, der November ist wirklich unglaublich warm, ich hätte nicht gedacht, dass ich um diese Zeit noch im Meer planschen werde. Es kann aber gerne so bleiben :)
      Ich schaue morgen bei Dir vorbei, heute bin ich schon ein Bisschen spät dran.

      Liebe Grüße V

  2. Wow...tolle Fotos !!! Vielen Dank für's Mitmachen, liebe V.
    Glg helga

    1. Danke, liebe Helga.
      Liebe Grüße und bis bald beim Friday-Flowerday :)