02 November, 2014


Another piece that finally found it's match, and another last-minute entry for fan-tastic tuesday. When I stitched those swirls, they were meant to be the bottom of the easel card with roses. However, it was just too much of everything. In the end, the easel card got a simple text saying "Happy birthday", and the golden pickpoint with pearls landed in my to-be-used-later-somehow box.
Now, I have decided to use it on the same paper as I originally thought, only that the stitched motif would be the only center of the card. The soft champagne shades make the card look quite elegant, which is fine as it's meant for the birthday of a very special gentleman. A
nd yet I'm a bit confused as it looks a little too boring to me. On the other hand I can't think of anything that would fit on the card as it is now. Or is it just me who is hardly ever satisfied?
- fan-tastic tuesday: monochrome


  1. I have had a quick look back through your blog and your stitched designs are beautiful. A stitched Butterfly would be amazing. Hugs Mrs A. (butterfly challenge).

  2. Wwwwaaaauuu...čudovita je....elegantna!
    Lepo bodi, Jana

  3. I have just popped over from a link on Shaz in Oz's blog and I'm glad I came. Your stitching is stunning.
    Annie x

  4. Elegantno in nadvse lepo izdelano. Lp