26 December, 2014

(post)Christmas greetings

I guess I'm not the kind of person who posts holiday greetings on time ;)
I actually intended to do so, but after an afternoon walk by the lake, I ended up covered in blankets by the fireplace. I'm not quite sure what it is, but I hope it's just a tiny bug and I'll be back to normal soon. Maybe it's just crafting withdrawal as all my crafting supplies stayed in Ljubljana? :)
Therefore, just a few impressions from the lakeside of lake Vrbsko jezero/Wörthersee.

View from the promenade at Celovec/Klagenfurt towards Maria Loretto
The huge Christmas tree is great at night when it's enlighted, but it fits perfectly by daylight, too. View towards Pyramidenkogel with the new observation platform
Mr. and Mrs. Swan wish happy holidays
Harbour of the Wörthersee shipping
Fairytale in blue and white
Ducks on the misty lake
Lonely boat on the lake
Pyramidenkogel in the haze
Promenade in the sunset
Remains of summer
Christmas idyll

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