21 July, 2015

Antwerp Old Town

Old Town of Antwerp...
Impressive outside of the cathedral, by far the most prominent building of the city.
And even though it was quite chilling all week long (I even had to buy myself shawl as I was freezing), good music ("The Absout Orchestra") is what makes you stop in the drizzle, puts a smile on your face, and a song in your heart :)
Rubens overlooking the Groenplaats
GroteMarkt with the City hall and its colourful flags...
...Brabo, the giants' defeater...
...and the typical guildhalls...
...as well as one of the Marian statues you can find on every corner.
People used to avoid paying taxes for illumination of their houses by placing a statue of Mary on the facade. This way, the lantern that was shining was considered as illumination of the statue, which was tax-free.
Old town by night
P.S. If you ever happen to be hungry in Antwerp, Lucy Chang is a fantastic Asian restaurant with super delicious food and pretty huge plates. In need for a tasty pizza? Da Giovanni next to the cathedral will do. Quite fancy and super good, too: Bizie Lizie.
~ to be continued ~

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