19 July, 2015

Antwerpen Centraal & sunset at the MAS

Lovely Antwerp...
For the start, a few impressions of Antwerpen Centraal, the first thing you might see when coming to the city. I love how the interior looks more like a palace than a train station.
 I love how the station comes in four levels.
 And I love how the palace-like part is combined with the skeleton made of red steel.
Needless to say the station is clean as it should be - no smell and no strange people. Except of a bunch of med students going to summer school :)

Second part of the starter: a sunny evening by the Scheldt
Walking past past Het Steen, the first stone fortress of the city...
...past the Pilotage building...
...and past the yacht harbour at the MAS. Even though the museum is closed in the evening, the viewing terrace is accessable till late at night, and offers wonderful views of the city.
The only bummer of the day: banners and decorations that said Antwerp would host a stage of the Tour de France just as I'd be having letures. Blah. My Tour experience therefore consisted only of listening to helicopters from far away, and walking past race remains in the harbour area.
~ to be continued ~

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