08 February, 2016

Cheating on time

Looks like my impressions on pre-Chrstmas Kranj escaped from being published earlier. 
I've being quite busy prior to the holidays, having practise and packing for Düsseldorf, while afterwards there were other projects to do and photos to sort. Well... It might be about time to share some of the views.
(I guess when you have nothing else to post, even old photographs will do :) But since today is Prešeren Day, I'm technically not that wrong with the selection considering the timing, which means I'm only cheating a *little bit* with my post).

Unfortunately, many of the old city buildings are empty and falling apart.
Beautiful arcades by Jože Plečnik
Red carnations - it's hard to get more Slovene than that ;)
Detail of the church at Pungart
Kokra canyon
An (almost scary) monument of France Prešeren
And verses of his national anthem in form of Christmas lights. If only they came true.
View towards old town and Pungart
Not pictured: the moment when your friend's 2-year-old puts her arms around your neck, kisses you all over, hugs you tight and says "You're mine". Awwwwww :)

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