19 February, 2016

Winter storm

From blue to black, or how a regular late afternoon walk up the castle hill turned into a spectacular light show (and the icy wind almost got me frostbites because I just *had* to stay a little longer to take some more shots).

View towards Ljubljana marshes. Half cloudy, half sunny - which one will prevail?
Rhapsody in blue, Trnovo church in the foreground.
Towards the North, mountains are still covered in sunshine.
Twilight above the castle courtyard
As the colours seem to indicate the storm hasn't passed yet, I threw my original plans overboard, heading to the other side of the castle instead of going home. Tranes of the storm have indeed been going on above the marshes, mixed with a colourful sky that tried to get through the tornado-like cloud formation. 
A little contribution to the gallery of sky images at Raumfee.

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