09 February, 2016

Feels like home

A quick escape to Radensko polje and its unique Kopanj hill, standing out - literally - 70 m high above the Karst field. Because sometimes you just need to change the environment, see a familiar face and remember where you've always felt like home.
As I decided to visit mom's aunt by bus and wanted to fully use the day, first thing to do was obviously an early rise. Turns out I got a fantastic glance at the Alps in return.
Parish church atop Kopanj hill, dedicated to the Assumption of Mary.
After cleaning and decorating, time for a quick hike across the plateau towards the north side of the hill. Unlike last time nature is awakening, and spring is slowly taking over.
Something old and something new is growing on trees and bushes
Different forms of white
Matching Prešeren Day: verses of the national anthem engraved on a bench. Unknown to many, the poet has spent part of his childhood in Kopanj/Račna at his uncle, the parish priest.
Little colour there is on the way to Mary's Spring, however, the world is just as beautiful in monochrome. Especially with flocks of birds singing everywhere and no sight of people. Not that I'm not fine with folks, but sometimes it's just good to have a break ;)
Clear view as far as the Alps
Signs of spring
Never before seen fruit :)
Being all alone in a rural area doesn't mean the AvGeek in me doesn't wander up in the clouds, meaning my attention might quickly change from "Look, snowdrops!" to "Is that an A380?" :)
Peace on earth
Sights of Kopanj hill and Mala Račna as day turns to evening
Traces of sun above Radensko polje
A little contribution to the gallery of sky images at Raumfee.

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