07 November, 2017

Munich part IV - So much to see

Apart from work, what can one do in Munich?
Long story short told: everything and even more. From extensive green areas to countless museums, the city offers arts, history, sports, shopping, industry... One would have to actually move there for a while to get a glimpse of the possibilities!
On one of our first days off, a number of winter school students and their German study buddies decided to have a look at the art-ish side of the city. Turns out that the city's "Area of arts" is exactly what it says: a long list of museums within a walking distance from the city center that cover different periods and types of art. One would have to be either really picky or really ignorant to find nothing for themselves as the choice of exhibitions is amazing. 
Also, there's a wonderful deal for those interested in museum art: on every Sunday of the month, one can enter a number of Munich museums for an entrance fee of only 1 € (per museum). How cool is that? 
Our choice fell on the Pinakotheken galleries, however, our study buddies - aware of what was ahead - suggested visiting one museum or maybe two, emphasizing the latter would apply for those who can/want to squeeze in both, given they would set a steady pace and keep an eye on the clock. As I'm usually quite a good walker, my first thought was "Just one - how lame!", however, this time, I should be proven wrong. 
Making use of the 1 € opportunity, we started the day in the NeuePinakothek, moving from one room into another, discovering artwork from the 18th to the 19th century. 
Of course, one will find a large collection of German art, but then there are lots of Italian and English artist from Romanticism to Impressionism, Art Nouveau, and even sculptures. Gauguin, van Gogh, Monet, Klimt... I'm far from being the art-expert to debate the collection in depth, but it certainly is huge and full of beautiful things to discover.
By the time I was almost at the exit, my legs hurt and I wanted nothing but to sit down for a little refreshment. By the time I got out, even the sun came out of the clouds - perfect for a proper meal and a siesta afterward. 
However, the day was slowly coming to an end, and I still had some plans. 
For a short break, the ideal place turned out to be the rooftop cafe of the nearby Technical University, that offered a dose of vitamin D alongside with lovely views of the city.
For those who haven't given up yet, next on the list was the AltePinakothek across the street. According to its name, the place exhibits masterpieces of old masters.
Again, it is not a place to go through quickly, however, I managed to get an idea of it in roughly two hours. 
A pair of magnificent stairs will lead one to a huge collection of Rubens, alongside with many other Dutch and Flemish painters, Italian, German, French and Spanish art. 
Probably one of the rare occasions to come "face to face" with Leonardo Da Vinci
What a merger: huge portrait canvas in combination with detailed flower (or vegetable) illustrations

~ to be continued ~

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