14 March, 2018

Give me a break

Needless to say I still had a couple of things to do for University once I returned from my not-Bielefeld trip. After a year of additional exams, lectures and practical sessions, my transition to the Bologna system was almost complete. The knowledge I gained? Aoutely zero. 
Except for the fact that I got to see the main difference to our "old system": of course the new average grades are high - it's almost a piece of cake to get exams done if the faculty provides you with answered exam questions that you only need to learn by heart.
In accordance to my new "care for myself" motto, however, I headed towards the sea as soon as my last task was done. I'm not sure where my sudden need for the endless blue came from, but the first real heatwave of the year seemed perfect for a pre-weekend time off in Piran.
Since I arrived by bus in the morning already, and my hostel room would only be availale after noon, I decided to just walk around in search of sunshine.
And there was plenty of it. Even though the conditions were not quite ideal, the views offered a sight of the Julian Alps...
... as well as Italian soil on the other side of the Adriatic sea.
And of course, the lovely sights of the city itself - whether from above, or inside its narrow streets.
With less luggage, exploring is even better...
... until one gets hungry and settles at the beach after a whole day of running around. The city itself might be small, but eventually, the exploring will take its toll.
Pure gold. 
New day, new plans: after a quick morning walk without my backpack, it was time to leave the hostel again, meaning I'd probably try to kill time somewhere in the old town until evening comes and it's time to head home. 
Lessons learned: of course, two days at the seaside are better than a one-day trip. And in the off-season, there might be no great difference in terms of price. However, I realized I'd need a little more that that to begin to relax.
Hi there!
Whether you're trying to cool off...
... or enjoying the heat - Piran has it all.
Since the sun soon became too hot to be anywhere near the beach, I decided to go as high up as possible and maybe get a breeze of fresh air on the belltower of the main church. 
And the more I wonder, the more it seems to me I don't feel quite comfortable on old tower stairs. Not in Piran particularly, rather in terms of a general finding. I'd climb them anyway though, for the sake of the views they offer. And the fresh breeze on a hot summer day.
What kind of strange bird are you anyway? I've proably never heard seagulls being as loud as when they're protecting their territory from an - artificial - intruder.
From too hot to bearable as the day goes towards evening.
Almost home. Until next time, lovely Piran. You turned out to be a lovely break again.

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