26 June, 2016


A warm summer evening and no learning mood is about the perfect mixture for a little birthday celebration the state ceremony to honour Slovenia's Independence Day. 
Because it's good to remember sometimes how blessed we are to live in democracy and peace, in a country that was born with so little casualities, in comparison to others.
Because - even though being officially young and small - the country has much to be proud of.
And because together we could achieve so much more, if only we played by the rules of honesty, equality and unity.
(And because I always wanted to see fireworks from the Ljubljana castle, but I'm not one to persist in the cold of New Year's Eve, let alone being surrounded by hordes of drunken people :))

Živé naj vsi naródi,
Ki hrepené dočákat' dan,
Ki, kóder sónce hódi,
Prepir iz svéta bo pregnán,
Ki roják
Prost bo vsák,
Ne vrág, le sósed bó meják!

France Prešeren, Zdravljíca

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