27 June, 2016

Vipava valley

In a feeling of "I need a break from University" I decided I need to leave Ljubljana for a while and see something new. 
I'm not one to travel in an organized group, and prefer solo trips I can arrange (and alter) as I please, whereas you never know how the group is going to be. This time however, "new" would mean getting out of my comfort zone. Or right into it, as a bus run by a travel agency is of course much faster than public transport, not to mention it takes you to places that are probably not accessible by public transport. Considering the pros and cons, I tought I'd give it a try - after all even if it turned out to be horrible, a one day trip only lasts one day ;) 
Turns out there was no need to worry at all :) Instead, I got a lovely tour through parts of the Vipava valley - a region that was completely unknown to me other than by name and a vague idea of its location. Not exactly something to be proud of.

What did it bring? 
The picturesque village of Goče with its stone walls and small windows... 
Tiny streets with swallows' nests under rain gutters...
The parish church of St. Andrew...
And loads of flowers in full bloom. Even though young residents are leaving, one might say I fell in love a little bit with all the beauty and tranquility it offers. No wonder the old part of the village is protected as heritage site.
Church of Our Lady of the Snow atop Obelunec hill, surrounded by vineyards.
Details of a house somewhere on the way
Pilgrimage church atop Obršljan dedicated to the Assumption of Mary, featuring a wax statue of Mary in the main altar
Beautiful shades of stone
Scenes of Mary's life by Giulio Quaglio that are just as beautiful as they were when painted back in the 18th entury.
And simple woven images of the Stations of the Cross
Rain or no rain above the lovely hills, this is the question.
Impressions of Volčji Grad
A sophisticated system of rain gutters to collect every raindrop
And flowers everywhere
Among the quiet and rainy memories of the ancient hillfort Debela griža however remain the rather rude local guide(s) trying to intimidate a bunch of tourists to get their slice of the cake. I never guessed our lovely tour guide could defend herself like she did :) Oh well...

~ to be continued ~

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