07 June, 2016

Planespotting (kind of)

One might think I've plenty to say today, but actually I'm just a little behind my schedule :)
However, it's time to archive my first try at what would be called planespotting.
Until now, my plane pics included basically a couple of airport impressions taken on the few ocasions I've been travelling by plane, as well as random - more or less blurred - shots of planes on their way to and from Ljubljana airport.
With Adria Airways serving charter flights from Celovec/Klagenfurt to Greece this summer, I thought I might go and have a closer look this weekend. KLU, not Greece, just for the record.

On the other hand, my calendar keeps telling me it's time to start learing again, and I bet everyone knows that a weekend at home isn't necessarily going to be a learning weekend ;)
I thought about going home on a different occasion, but I must have mentioned to mom that I'm planning to come as she sent me a rather eager one-word message: "When?"
How could one reply with No time?

So, my attempt was about to come true, but not without a series of tasks to prepare myself.
  • Approval: just after coming home, one has to start beating about the bush, making sure the car would be available next morning. By the end of the day, I got a "Hmm" I could use as "But I asked you whether I could go and you said Yes". Check. (However, I found myself faced with the counter-question "You came just for that plane, didn't you?" Uhm, noooo.)
  • Knowledge: I know where the airport is. Check.
  • Position: with the help of www.lowk-spotting.at, I analyzed the options and figured out which one would fit me best. Check.
  • Timing: I prefer to set my alarm clock earlier than needed, however, I like to remain in bed as long as possible. As the arrival was set for 6.50 am, I'd have to get up abnormally early, which should nevertheless be manageable with the thrill ahead. Check.
But of course, it all ended up differently the other day.
  • Approval: turns out mom never believed I would actually get out of bed and go for it. The "But you said Yes" thing seemed to work though. Check.
  • Knowledge: knowing where the airport is doesn't equal knowing how to get there. Instead of the longer way I know I decided to follow the signs, which led me to the motorway and I guess for the next couple of weeks I'll be hoping they didn't catch me using it without a motorway permit sticker. Check. (Fingers crossed.)
  • Position: after a turnaround and not being sure whether the very bumpy road will lead me to the right place, I arrived at what I thought was OK. Turns out I should have gone a couple of meters further for a better view next to the fence, but nevermind. Check.
  • Timing: in the middle of turning the car on the roadside, the sound of jet engines announced I'm a little late. Apply the handbreak, jump out of the car, ignore the fact that the engine had just died, and search for the camera in your purse while running towards the fence. Take a shot while avoiding trees and try not to look like a complete idiot. If you by any chance did look like a complete idiot, all you can do is hope the guys were focusing on the landing so much they had no time to spot you by the roadside. Check, I guess.
Not satisfied with the poor outcome, I decided to go to the visitors terrace at the airport, where I finally got my dose od Adria Airways :)
Breakfast :)
Lots of luggage
While the cockpit crew was busy and Adria's beauty was waiting for the passengers, I had plenty of time to watch.
There's no sound like the roaring of jet engines :)
My association of "home". Only now I've realized the logo looks like a heart if I slightly turn my head.
Orange nail polish
Mr. Pilot, take me with you :)
Dirndl, leather pants and "hunting socks" on the way to Greece - oh well...
Is there any seat left for me?
Austro Control makes sure everything goes as planned
Ready to go
Taxi to runway
Adria accelerating down the runway, Celovec/Klagenfurt and the Alps in the background
Love that sound - love that view

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