27 June, 2016

Vipava valley 2.0

Somewhere above Branik/Rihemberk. The greenery of the valley is simply stunning, while the clouds decided to put all their shades of grey on display
Parish church of St. Ulrich, again with countless lovely details
And a painter who was obviously not familiar with proportions :)
Rihemberk castle - one might think something as magnificent as this would be taken care of, but well...
Turns out I finally got to see where one of my dearest poets, Simon Gregorčič, worked as a priest.
After a fantastic lunch it was time to explore some more - church of St. Martin in Brje with quite unique decorations by Peter Černe
Views towards the (non visible) sea
Silhouette of Sveta Gora
Čaven hill covered in a grey cloudy layer
Vipavski Križ, one of the pearls of Vipava valley
Home to the Capuchin monastery, it is known for its rich library, and of course as the place where preacher and writer Janez Svetokriški used to live and work
Hubelj river in Ajdovščina
Blooming balconies and remains of once blooming times
And a visit to one of the town's most famous residents, Veno Pilon
Architecture through children's eyes :)
And a cloudburst just as we were returning to the bus - what a perfect timing by the weather fairy.
Could I get used to group travel? If all goes as this - absolutely. Quick, comfortable and diverse, with lots of things to see in a day. 
Not to mention the big advantage in case the majority of fellow travelers are women in their 70s: the pee break every 3 hours is self-evident, without having to beg for it on the edge of agony. If this is not comfortable to you, nothing else will ever be :)

~ the end ~

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