30 December, 2015

Christmas in D-Dorf

Various impressions of Christmas in Düsseldorf
A huge Ferris wheel by the Rhine
A funny twisted church steeple
Fluffy clouds that make everything seem so unlike Christmas (apart from people running around without scarfs and gloves, and a brave one with a T-shirt only).
Düsseldorf panorama with the Rheinturm and one of the many bridges
And a glimpse to the fancy houses acoss the big river, with sheep grazing in front of skyscrapers
Rhine promenade and facades of old town
The story that will never come true, even though the shopping madness may give a different impression
Beautiful dishes
An army of nutcrackers
A plush jungle in one of the store windows. The toys are not only beautifully arranged, but also brought to life which creates quite a lively scene. The prices aren't bad either.
The shortest escalator you may find
Just one magic word for any chocolate/cake lover: Heinemann. The interior is just as sweet as the store windows, and has anything that makes your glands release endorphines uncontrollably.
Must-try: the best cherry-cake I've ever had. 
A glimpse of the Königsallee, a luxury shopping street in the city center.
Magic sunset on the way to another evening at the opera, and a rather shabby Duisburg train station.
Today's menu: Mozart's Magic Flute in a rather modern interpretation, originally produced by the Komische Oper Berlin. I didn't quite understand what to expect when my sister talked about singing combined with film animation, but it turned out to be a pretty much awesome performance by the Deutsche Oper am Rhein and definitely worth a visit.
A post-opera stroll through the Christmas market, this time without evacuation due to a (false) bomb scare
Stairway to heaven
A little contribution to the gallery of Christmas projects & happenings at Lotta liebt blau.

~ to be continued ~


  1. Wundervolle Fotos aus Düsseldorf. Da war ich noch nicht, ich bin aber ab und zu in Köln. Köln ist mir sehr ans Herz gewachsen mit seinem liebenswerten Charme.
    Auf jedenfall sind es wieder tolle Fotos.

    Gruß BAstelfeti

    1. BAstelfeti, vielen Dank für deinen Besuch. Düsseldorf fand ich ganz schön, obwohl ich ehrlich gesagt nicht viel von der Stadt gesehen habe.
      Mein Köln-Besuch liegt schon so lange her, dass ich mich kaum an was anderes als den Dom erinnern kann :) Ich glaube das sollte ich im neuen Jahr unbedingt ändern :)

      Liebe Grüße und guten Rutsch