29 December, 2015

In the air again

I thought of skipping Christmas completely this year, but since the holidays included a two-week break from practice (yay!) I thought I might take a few days off to head home. However, as my sister would be busy during this time, and she kept on begging for some company, I had no other choice but to figure out how to get to Düsseldorf as quickly as possible. 

Given the distance, the only acceptable option was to grow wings. Or use those available. Unlike last time, the trip to the airport was really smooth, and I managed to get from check-in to the gate in 10 minutes only - one of the (few) advantages of a small international airport.
Turns out our plane was already being prepared. Meet Adria's newest addition: Vesna.
Disadvantages of small international airports: little traffic and not much going on. One of the few visitors that day, the airline with the Swiss cross.
Ready to take off, Triglav in the background
What a lovely view after days of fog and cold
Climbing towards the Alps, Krvavec ski resort bathes in sunshine
A peek towards Austria - Carinthia is one big pot of fog
Mountains as far as one can see
Happy between heaven and earth :)
As close as I'll get to a white Christmas
Somewhere over the rainbow
Cloudy weather seen from above
Wind turbins - a clear sign you're in Germany
Not exactly the clear blue sky, but at least there was no sign of turbulence that was promised by the captain prior to take-off :)
On the cloudy layer, in the opposide direction of the sun... Could it be a glory phenomenon? Not as clear as the one pictured by Skypointer, but thanks to the blogging pilot I knew instantly what I was looking at :)
Descending over Frankfurt
The airport's numbers are impressive, but only its appearance makes you realize how huge it really is. Obviously, the place must be every AvGeek's dream.
First sight before touching down, the world's largest passenger jet
Little Vesna seemed like a chicken in comparison, and being parked far from the main terminal it meant we'd drive through the area for quite some time. On the other hand this would include a free, close-up airport tour. 
Na svoji Vesni :)
Sunset over FRA. The tranquility of the place airspace is deceiving as there is none.
Pre-Christmas roof cleaning.
Given the airport is perfectly accessible by public transport, including long-distance trains, it was only a delay that made me miss the opening sequence of Hänsel and Gretel at the Duisburg theatre
Turns out I could easly become an opera lover - a wonderful acting performance, fantastic music, great scenery and the best evil witch one can imagine. Nothing comes close to my little sister being part of the Deutsche Oper an Rhein, though :)
A little contribution to the gallery of skies at Raumfee.

~ to be continued ~

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