30 December, 2015

Homemade Christmas

Apart from opera, a little sightseeing and lots of talking, the holidays made me realize how unused I am to look into other people's apartment when looking out of the window...
How good homemade hazelnut biscuits can be :)
And how even a palm tree in a pot can be decorated with wooden hearts.
How Christmas doesn't ave to be all-white at all, whether it is a photo-collage on a subway train station, blooming trees at the roadside, or just a pair of extraordinary stockings.
And how big the Rhine actually is
How far away from home you may end up, trying to swim against the tide
And how good it is to head home again. 
I'm not sure whether I like taking off my shoes in a public place, being body-scanned and touched all over by some stranger, but I guess it must be good for some reason.
Another free close-up airport tour
Airport lights and an almost full moon
Runway ahead
Cleared to take off
One last glance of Frankfurt airport from above
Spiderwebs in the dark
Almost home - silhouette of lake Bled in the night

~ the end ~


  1. Draga Veronika...tebi in tvojim najdražjim vse lepo v letu 2016!
    Fotke so čudovite :) In srček mi je zelo všeč.
    Lp, Jana

    1. Jana, hvala za obisk in komentar.
      Upam, da bo novo leto res srečno kot se spodobi, naj se vsi načrti uresničijo tudi tebi in tvojim ;)