05 December, 2015

Colourful mix

A quick colourful mix for Friday-Flowerday at Holunderbluetchen
My first version of weekly flowers included remains from my pink rose bouquet and blooms I found in front of my apartment building. The result is a mixed bouquet with a single rose, a chrysanthemum, rosehips and a violet. Around the flowers, I placed some cherry laurel and put everything in a mini-orchid pot. (I must have a talent to ruin mini orchids, not one survives for long after the blooms are gone)
My second version is actually a remodel of the first one and was made for my trip home. 
As I would be gone for almost a week, I didn't want to throw the flowers away and on the other hand, didn't want to leave them behind in my empty apartment. Therefore, I replaced the huge rose with rosebuds from my rose bouquet that didn't yet open up. 
Obviously, this version is a little more crowded, but somehow I like it even better. 
It might be a bit unusual to have such wonderful colours in the end of November, but so is starting December with 10°C outside. It looks like it was just the last flash of summer, so rushing from one clinic to the other with a short-sleeved uniform will from now on guarantee me pitying looks of patients and passers, asking whether I'm not cold. You can guess three times! I'm freezing, but I simply don't have time to go back to the wardrobe to put something on :(

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