31 December, 2015

Goodbye 2015 & Hello 2016

Much of what 2015 brought along was neither planned nor wanted and I can't help thinking how different things were supposed to be. 
Funny I remember how nervous mom was upon introducing her man to us and how I couldn't help rolling my eyes when she discarded our plans because they wanted to do something on their own. Things happened quickly, but it turned out this family was the best that could have happened. 
After ages of avoiding situations, it was good to come home, laugh, spend time together and care for one another. We even started to celebrate Christmas again. Nothing major, but something we were all looking foward to. 
Then, a moment turned lives into different directions and unlike in the previous years, the fireplace was cold this winter. What remains are treasured memories, like the Christmas walk up the Magdalensberg two years ago - never to be repeated, no matter what. And the knowledge that you never know which "Goodbye" will be the final one.

Is there a point in making New Years' resolutions then? I'm not sure. I fulfilled some things on my 2015 list, some were postponed for *some day later*, others simply don't matter anymore. 
- I certainly hope to finish my studies by summer, or by fall at the latest
- Switzerland will have to wait
- I absolutely fell in love with flying and will certainly want to take off again
- as for crafting: so many ideas, so little time
- and as for Mr. Right: it seems I finally figured out who is going to take me dancing

Here's to a happy 2016, let's hope this one will be good to us.

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