09 December, 2015

Colours of winter

Does winter have a colour? According to the person responsible for this years' decorations at Ljubljana castle, the answer is clear and it says: Yes. 
I was quite surprised by the intense lights when I entered the castle grounds last week, and wasn't sure at first whether I'd like it or not. The lights that are floating out of the windows are quite intense, but after the initial confusion, I decided it's wonderful. It might not be your typical Christmas decor, but the rays give lovely effects on the courtyard, especially in the fog.
However, the effects of fog are a little unwelcome when you want to take some shots of the city underneath the castle hill from the viewing tower. Nevertheless, I got to catch some motifs that made the freezing worth it. 
First, the twisted stairway (the latter picture taken on a different occasion):
Then, with no sight of the city, another perspective of the courtyard. From above, it looks a little like a gingerbread house.
In the end, I didn't get exactly what I expected or wanted, but once more the castle hill is full of surprises. Next mission: catch the magic atmosphere of the city center which is very richly decorated this season. I did have a beautiful golden sunset on the horizon the other evening, but of course my camera was at home that day :(

One thing that does look great by night as it lies underneath the foggy layer: Ljubljanica river and its embarkments - from Plečnik's fantastic Sluice Gates to the new Fabiani bridge and apartment building towards the city center.

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