12 December, 2015

Last hydrangea

For weeks I've been watching the hydrangeas in front of my apartment building turning red and green. However, as it's not some neighbour apartment building, I never had the courage to take some for a bouquet - after all, I might be recognised and get caught. I've seen wonderful blooms in front of a hospital building, too, but abandoned my plan for the very same reason. 
Finally, one of our gardening neighbours decided to prepare the bushes for winter, which meant I could finally get one of those blooms :)
The arrangement for this week's Friday Flowerday at Holunderbluetchen is quite simple again: one last hydrangea in a small vase, matching one of the wooden frames I've decorated with napkin decoupage a couple of years ago.
Funny, I like the autumn version of hydrangea a lot better than the pink and blue flowers in summer. Next to my old frame, it also fits to a bike I've recently seen in the city center. 
As it advertises a wool store, the crocheting around it is quite accurate, not to mention it's a wonderful idea that looks truly amazing in reality.

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